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Re: تسديد قروض sadad-ksa

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That’s a new one…

The translation:
“ Pay off Al Rajhi loans

Al-Rajhi Bank is one of the distinguished banks in providing facilities for repaying loans and offering the customer a set of credit cards, and the first bank to offer students a program of their own, which is the Student Savings Program, which is also interested in providing branches for women only, all with the provision of electronic services, and loans vary in Al-Rajhi This includes personal loans, real estate loans, marriage loans, KNF loans, and study loans. There are many payment methods at Al-Rajhi Bank, including the monthly payment method or profit sharing.

Pay off Al Rajhi loans
Paying Al Rajhi Loans There are various ways to repay loans that Al Rajhi Bank grants to its customers, including:
Monthly deduction method
By deducting a sum of money each month from the customer’s salary in order to guarantee the bank’s right at a fixed rate.
Amounts payable
It is a method similar to the monthly payment method, but it is not related to the salary of the customer or the borrower, and the payment is through a fixed amount that is paid to the bank monthly.
Payment without grace period
Here in this method, the payment is made annually through installments and not monthly, so the installments do not depend on a certain grace period.
profit sharing
Here, the bank has the right to share the profits of the borrower's projects, where the bank is a financier and has a share, and the percentage of profits is determined according to the mutual consent of the two parties.
Pay off the early loan
This method allows the borrower to repay the loan before the term of the installments expires, so the borrower pays the remaining interest payments on the loan until the end of the original term of the loan.
Pay off Al Rajhi Bank loans
Paying off loans from Al-Rajhi Bank The bank gives its customers a variety of ways. The customer chooses what suits him to repay the loan, as each method is different from the other, and there is an early repayment method that has certain conditions so that the borrower can repay early without any obstacles.
Al Rajhi payment service
Al Rajhi Payment Service Al Rajhi Bank provides an electronic payment method known as the direct payment system, which enables the customer to pay a set of his bills directly through Al Rajhi Bank.
Go to the Al Rajhi Bank page, and choose the Al Mubasher Application for Individuals menu, then Payments.
Click on "Payment" that appears at the bottom of the page.
The data is written on the registration page.
Enter the mobile number in order to receive the bank's message on it.
The data is recorded, the code sent to the customer is entered, and the account registration message appears successfully.
The customer can then enjoy the various electronic payment services provided by Al Rajhi Bank.
Al Rajhi early repayment
It is the borrower repaying the loan owed to him to the bank before the installments period that was agreed upon with the bank expires in order to avoid delays in the payment of those installments.
But noting that this method of payment depends on the approval of the bank, as the bank may ask for a commission in order to agree to the customer for early payment, which is a single condition imposed by the bank to allow the customer to pay early.
The increased repayment is a great solution when the borrower obtains an increased income, increases his salary, or obtains financial rewards that can cover those installments. ”

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