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Re: Super Solinette

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PFMcFarland wrote:
Sun Jan 31, 2021 9:30 pm
Good work, Pablo. I never did get mine finished because I kind of gave up on trying to get the helical loose. Worst Agfa I've ever worked on for that problem. Anyway, your rangefinder issue is a sticky control lever, and since the Ansco Super Memar body is similar I have a set of photos for you to reference showing the top removal and rangefinder cleaning. It's at

Good luck! If you can take the lens and shutter apart for cleaning, then removing the top should be a breeze.

Chris Sherlock made a video about that dreaded helicoid stuck in the camera

I'm still unable to open the top and basically put the camera back in the shelf

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Re: Super Solinette

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Don't know if I even can recall what box I put all the loose parts in. One of them took a tumble off the workbench and scattered everything into the carpet. Hopefully it wasn't for the Super Solinette.

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